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its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

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fuckboy and lava girl

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my childhood was animorphs and… THE BABY SITTERS CLUB

please talk to me about these series

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there is no one expecting dick to taste good though. i’ve never ever once met a cis dude paranoid about his genitals tasting weird or salty or sweaty or whatever. but of course pussy has to taste like fruit and whatever. OF COURSE. 

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guys, you know what this means??

google drive

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people who answer questions on yahoo answers saying “I’m not doing your hw for you”


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Look at this insanity 

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i bet korra and mako do roleplay like hell handcuff korra to the bed and hell be like “youre under arrest avatar….” then saying something dumb like “….for being a sexy motherfucker”

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The thing that’s so disgusting about the murders of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sean Bell etc (a very long list) is that it’s not like we’re trying to figure out who killed them. We know perfectly well. We’re just trying to figure out if that black kid deserved to die. They’re humanity is put on trial, like being a person wasn’t enough. Black people literally have to prove that we’re worthy of living.

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